Configuring Terraform application

Specific guide to configuring deployment for Terraform application.

Quick Sync

By default, when the pipeline was not specified, PipeCD triggers a quick sync deployment for the merged pull request. Quick sync for a Terraform deployment does terraform plan and if there are any changes detected it applies those changes automatically.

Sync with the specified pipeline

The pipeline field in the application configuration is used to customize the way to do the deployment. You can add a manual approval before doing terraform apply or add an analysis stage after applying the changes to determine the impact of those changes.

These are the provided stages for Terraform application you can use to build your pipeline:

    • do the terraform plan and show the changes will be applied
    • apply all the infrastructure changes

and other common stages:

  • WAIT

See the description of each stage at Customize application deployment.

Module location

Terraform module can be loaded from:

  • the same git repository with the application directory, we call as a local module
  • a different git repository, we call as a remote module


See Configuration Reference for the full configuration.

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