Adding a manual approval stage

This page describes how to add a manual approval stage.

While deploying an application to production environments, some teams require manual approvals before continuing. The manual approval stage enables you to control when the deployment is allowed to continue by requiring a specific person or team to approve. This stage is named by WAIT_APPROVAL and you can add it to your pipeline before some stages should be approved before they can be executed.

kind: KubernetesApp
      - name: K8S_CANARY_ROLLOUT
      - name: WAIT_APPROVAL
          timeout: 6h
            - user-abc
      - name: K8S_PRIMARY_ROLLOUT

As above example, the deployment requires an approval from user-abc before K8S_PRIMARY_ROLLOUT stage can be executed.

The value of user ID in the approvers list depends on your SSO configuration, it must be GitHub’s user ID if your SSO was configured to use GitHub provider, it must be Gmail account if your SSO was configured to use Google provider.

In case the approvers field was not configured, anyone in the project who has Editor or Admin role can approve the deployment pipeline.

Also, it will end with failure when the time specified in timeout has elapsed. Default is 6h.

Deployment with a WAIT_APPROVAL stage

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