Remote upgrade and remote config

This page describes how to use remote upgrade and remote config features.

Remote upgrade

The remote upgrade is the ability to restart the currently running Piped with another version from the web console. This reduces the effort involved in updating Piped to newer versions. All Pipeds that are running by the provided Piped container image can be enabled to use this feature. It means Pipeds running on a Kubernetes cluster, a virtual machine, a serverless service can be upgraded remotely from the web console.

Basically, in order to use this feature you must run Piped with /launcher command instead of /piped command as usual. Please check the installation guide on each environment to see the details.

After starting Piped with the remote-upgrade feature, you can go to the Settings page then click on UPGRADE button on the top-right corner. A dialog will be shown for selecting which Pipeds you want to upgrade and what version they should run.

Select a list of Pipeds to upgrade from Settings page

Remote config

Although the remote-upgrade allows you remotely restart your Pipeds to run any new version you want, if your Piped is loading its config locally where Piped is running, you still need to manually restart Piped after adding any change on that config data. Remote-config is for you to remove that kind of manual operation.

Remote-config is the ability to load Piped config data from a remote location such as a Git repository. Not only that, but it also watches the config periodically to detect any changes on that config and restarts Piped to reflect the new configuration automatically.

This feature requires the remote-upgrade feature to be enabled simultaneously. Currently, we only support remote config from a Git repository, but other remote locations could be supported in the future. Please check the installation guide on each environment to know how to configure Piped to load a remote config file.


  • By remote-upgrade you can upgrade your Piped to a newer version by clicking on the web console
  • By remote-config you can enforce your Piped to use the latest config data just by updating its config file stored in a Git repository

Last modified February 6, 2024: Release v0.46.0 (#4775) (49627aa0)