Custom Sync

Specific guide for configuring Custom Sync

CUSTOM_SYNC is one stage in the pipeline and you can define scripts to deploy run in this stage.

Note: This feature is marked as a deprecated feature and will be removed later.

How to configure Custom Sync

Add a CUSTOM_SYNC to your pipeline and write commands to deploy your infrastructure. The commands run in the directory where this application configuration file exists.

kind: LambdaApp
  name: sam-simple
    env: example
    team: abc
    # Must add this configuration to force use CUSTOM_SYNC stage.
    alwaysUsePipeline: true
      - name: CUSTOM_SYNC
            AWS_PROFILE: "sample"
          run: |
            cd sam-app
            sam build
            echo y | sam deploy --profile $AWS_PROFILE            


  1. You can use CUSTOM_SYNC with any current supporting application kind, but keep alwaysUsePipeline true to not run the application kind’s default QUICK_SYNC.
  2. Only one CUSTOM_SYNC stage should be used in an application pipeline.
  3. The commands run with the enviroment variable PATH that refers ~/.piped/tools at first.

The public piped image available in PipeCD main repo (ref: Dockerfile) is based on alpine and only has a few UNIX command available (ref: piped-base Dockerfile). If you want to use your commands (sam in the above example), you can:

  • Prepare your own environment container image then add piped binary to it.
  • Build your own container image based on image.
  • Manually update your running piped container (not recommended).

Auto Rollback

When autoRollback is enabled, the deployment will be rolled back in the same way as Rolling Back.

When the rolling back process is triggered in the pipeline including CUSTOM_SYNC, CUSTOM_SYNC_ROLLBACK stage will be added to the deployment pipeline. CUSTOM_SYNC_ROLLBACK is different from ROLLBACK that applications set defaultly, it runs the same commands as CUSTOM_SYNC in the runnning commit to reverts all the applied changes.

Last modified February 6, 2024: Release v0.46.0 (#4775) (49627aa0)