Confidently review your changes with Plan Preview

Enables the ability to preview the deployment plan against a given commit before merging.

In order to help developers review the pull request with a better experience and more confidence to approve it to trigger the actual deployments, PipeCD provides a way to preview the deployment plan of all updated applications by that pull request.

Here are what will be included currently in the result of plan-preview process:

  • which application will be deployed once the pull request got merged
  • which deployment strategy (QUICK_SYNC or PIPELINE_SYNC) will be used
  • which resources will be added, deleted, or modified

This feature will available for all application kinds: KUBERNETES, TERRAFORM, CLOUD_RUN, LAMBDA and Amazon ECS.

PlanPreview with GitHub actions pipe-cd/actions-plan-preview


  • Ensure the version of your Piped is at least v0.11.0.
  • Having an API key that has READ_WRITE role to authenticate with PipeCD’s Control Plane. A new key can be generated from settings/api-key page of your PipeCD web.


Plan-preview result can be requested by using pipectl command-line tool as below:

pipectl plan-preview \
  --api-key={ PIPECD_API_KEY } \
  --repo-remote-url={ REPO_REMOTE_GIT_SSH_URL } \
  --head-branch={ HEAD_BRANCH } \
  --head-commit={ HEAD_COMMIT } \
  --base-branch={ BASE_BRANCH }

You can run it locally or integrate it to your CI system to run automatically when a new pull request is opened/updated. Use --help to see more options.

pipectl plan-preview --help

GitHub Actions

If you are using GitHub Actions, you can seamlessly integrate our prepared actions-plan-preview to your workflows. This automatically comments the plan-preview result on the pull request when it is opened or updated. You can also trigger to run plan-preview manually by leave a comment /pipecd plan-preview on the pull request.

Last modified July 4, 2024: Release v0.48.0 (#5023) (6439f977)