Application live state

The live states of application components as well as their health status.

By default, piped continuously monitors the running resources/components of all deployed applications to determine the state of them and then send those results to the control plane. The application state will be visualized and rendered at the application details page in realtime. That helps developers can see what is running in the cluster as well as their health status. The application state includes:

  • visual graph of application resources/components. Each resource/component node includes its metadata and health status.
  • health status of the whole application. Application health status is HEALTHY if and only if the health statuses of all of its resources/components are HEALTHY.

Application Details Page

By clicking on the resource/component node, a popup will be revealed from the right side to show more details about that resource/component.

Last modified July 4, 2024: Release v0.48.0 (#5023) (6439f977)