Architectural overview

This page describes the architecture of PipeCD.

Component Architecture


A single binary component runs in your cluster, your local network to handle the deployment tasks. It can be run inside a Kubernetes cluster by simply starting a Pod or a Deployment. This component is designed to be stateless, so it can also be run in a single VM or even your local machine.

Control Plane

A centralized component manages deployment data and provides gRPC API for connecting pipeds as well as all web-functionalities of PipeCD such as authentication, showing deployment list/details, application list/details, delivery insights…

Control Plane contains the following components:

  • server: a service to provide api for piped, web and serve static assets for web.
  • ops: a service to provide administrative features for Control Plane owner like adding/managing projects.
  • cache: a redis cache service for caching internal data.
  • datastore: data storage for storing deployment, application data
    • this can be a fully-managed service such as Firestore, Cloud SQL
    • or a self-managed such as MySQL
  • filestore: file storage for storing logs, application states
    • this can a fully-managed service such as GCS, S3
    • or a self-managed service such as Minio

For more information, see Architecture overview of Control Plane.

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