The One CD for All {applications, platforms, operations}

A GitOps style continuous delivery platform that provides
consistent deployment and operations experience for any applications


  • Deployment pipeline UI shows clarify what is happening
  • Separate logs viewer for each individual deployment
  • Realtime visualization of application state
  • Deployment notifications to slack, webhook endpoints
  • Insights show the delivery performance


  • Automated deployment analysis based on metrics, logs, emitted requests
  • Automatically roll back to the previous state as soon as analysis or a pipeline stage fails
  • Automatically detect configuration drift to notify and render the changes


  • Support single sign-on and role-based access control
  • Credentials are not exposed outside the cluster and not saved in the control-plane
  • Piped makes only outbound requests and can run inside a restricted network

Multi-provider & Multi-Tenancy

  • Support multiple application kinds on multi-cloud including Kubernetes, Terraform, Cloud Run, AWS Lambda, Amazon ECS
  • Support multiple analysis providers including Prometheus, Datadog, Stackdriver, and more
  • Easy to operate multi-cluster, multi-tenancy by separating control-plane and piped

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