Adding a helm chart repository

This page describes how to add a new Helm chart repository.

PipeCD supports Kubernetes applications that are using Helm for templating and packaging. In addition to being able to deploy a Helm chart that is sourced from the same Git repository (local chart) or from a different Git repository (remote git chart), an application can use a chart sourced from a Helm chart repository.

A Helm chart repository is a location backed by an HTTP server where packaged charts can be stored and shared. Before an application can be configured to use a chart from a Helm chart repository, that chart repository must be enabled in the related piped by adding the ChartRepository struct to the piped configuration file.

# piped configuration file
kind: Piped
    - name: pipecd

For example, the above snippet enables the official chart repository of PipeCD project. After that, you can configure the Kubernetes application to load a chart from that chart repository for executing the deployment.

# Application configuration file.
kind: KubernetesApp
    # Helm chart sourced from a Helm Chart Repository.
      repository: pipecd
      name: helloworld
      version: v0.5.0

In case the chart repository is backed by HTTP basic authentication, the username and password strings are required in configuration.

Last modified May 10, 2022: Release v0.30.0 (#3610) (8adbe6bd)