Piped development

This page describes where to find piped source code and how to run it locally for debugging.

Source code structure

  • pkg/app/piped: contains source code for only piped.
  • cmd/piped: entrypoint for piped binary.
  • pkg: contains shared source code for all components of both piped and control-plane.

How to run it locally

  1. Prepare the piped configuration file piped-config.yaml

  2. Ensure that your kube-context is connecting to the right kubernetes cluster

  3. Run the following command to start running piped

bazelisk run --run_under="cd $PWD && " //cmd/piped:piped -- piped \
--tools-dir=/tmp/piped-bin \

How to run it locally as docker container

# Compile the current source code to build a new Docker image
# and then load it into the local docker client as bazel/cmd/piped:image.
make load-piped-image

docker run bazel/cmd/piped:image --help

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