Release v0.41.4

Release v0.41.4

Changes since v0.41.3

New Features

  • Templating commit message used by Event watcher (#4120)
  • Add environment variable expire web session (#4127)

Notable Changes

  • Make all changes that not be listed in ignores but placed under appDir considered as touched commit (#4157)

Internal Changes

  • tool: Replace set-output with GITHUB_OUTPUT (#4155)
  • Add pipecd builtin tags to ECS resources (#4140)
  • Add upgrade a release method for helm (#4143)
  • Add kubectl version to stage log (#4137)
  • Fix pod config for envoy upstreaming termination error (#4134)
  • Change build tag every time when make run/pipecd (#4130)
  • Fix parseCommitMsg’s comment (#4135)
  • Fix docs wrong params name (#4132)