Release v0.41.0

Release v0.41.0

Changes since v0.40.1

Breaking Changes

All applications configuration file should NOT use the spec.triggerPaths (marked as deprecated previously), but use spec.trigger.onCommit.paths instead. Refer to application configuration docs

kind: KubernetesApp
  name: analysis-by-http
    env: example
    team: product
  # Previously, this will NOT be accepted for new version.
    - deployment.yaml
  # Use this pattern instead.
        - deployment.yaml

Note: Make sure to update all of your application configurations to reflect the above change before updating your piped OR you can only do quicksync to ignore live manifests (which contain the old triggerPaths config) the first time those applications be synced after the piped update.

  • Remove trigger paths (#4037)

New features

From now, you can have a better insight into your application/project’s deployment via deployment data visualized by the PipeCD insight feature. Please refer to the docs.


  • Introduce Insights feature (#4071)
  • Support Cloud Run application for planpreview (#4079)
  • Support setting kubectlVersion via piped config (#4081)
  • Add spec.trigger.onCommit.ignores to application config (#4059)

Notable Changes

  • Improve the health description for Cloud Run live state (#4085)
  • Add --include-crds option to include CRDS for Helm (#4077)
  • Ensure newly created revision is ready to receive traffic before going to the next stage (#4074)
  • Update web dependencies (#4061)
  • Use helper “serviceAccountName” on create role binding (#4054)

Internal Changes

  • Refactor the loadCloudRunManifest function (#4089)
  • Enable to run lint/go on M1 (#4088)
  • Implement lint/go command for local (#4086)
  • Fix the wrong link for tools (#4083)
  • Remove unused docs (#4082)
  • Rename symbol cloudProvider to platformProvider (#4080)
  • Rename Insighs step to resolution (#4078)
  • Fix application store listBy method (#4075)
  • Fix app live resource lister wrong attribute (#4072)
  • Update pull request template (#4073)
  • Update insights doc (#4070)
  • Add the log for detecting pruned manifest (#4068)
  • Better time range based on step to request Insights data (#4069)
  • Update the codeql actoins to v2 (#4067)
  • Make it possible to run the codeql workflow manually (#4066)
  • Update the codeql analysis schedule (#4065)
  • fix description of apiAddress (#4064)
  • Enable deployment frequency and failure rate charts (#4062)
  • Update docs for onCommit.ignores (#4063)
  • Fix bug on parsing empty kubernetes manifest (#4060)
  • Apply cache to store completed Insight chunk (#4057)
  • Update the default resources docs (#4058)
  • Add release command (#4056)
  • Update gen release docs command (#4055)
  • Ensure group version docs (#4053)
  • Update actions-gh-release version to v2.4.0 (#4052)
  • Fix the wrong link for actions-gh-release (#4051)
  • Replace all of pull request numbers with their link because of release note (#4050)
  • Add release commands to make (#4049)
  • Remove unused config (#4045)
  • Use a make command instead of a hack command directly (#4046)
  • Bump decode-uri-component from 0.2.0 to 0.2.2 in /web (#4048)
  • Replace deprecated actions commands with env files (#4047)
  • Remove unused docs (#4044)
  • Add helm 3.8.2 to PipeCD prerequisites (#4043)
  • Fix the release note (#4042)