Release v0.38.0

Release v0.38.0

Release v0.38.0 with changes since v0.37.1

Notable Changes

From this version, The new design of the RBAC, PipeCD authorization implementation, is reflected in the web console. We have a better way of configuring resource access control for your PipeCD project.

Please check out the docs here for more about the new RBAC system of PipeCD.

  • Add ability to manage roles and user groups for RBAC on project setting page (#3919)

Internal Changes

  • Fix the prerequisites for releasing patch version (#3928)
  • Fix the header of the user group table (#3927)
  • Fix the docs for authentication and authorization (#3925)
  • Delete the deploymentChain from built-in roles (#3926)
  • Remove sealsecret code (#3924)
  • Active style for the header (#3923)
  • Update docs around registering piped (#3921)
  • Remove the deprecated API (#3920)
  • Remove storybook (#3922)
  • Fix the hack command for cherry-pick (#3917)
  • Update command flag in docs (#3918)
  • Update failed links in examples (#3916)