Release v0.37.1

Release v0.37.1

Changes since v0.37.0

Notable Changes

  • Fix a bug that causes a permission denied error on the web console (#3910)

Internal Changes

  • Update the codegen version (#3911)
  • Update contributors list (#3909)
  • Remove FilterByNames method to avoid overriding a pointer value (#3908)
  • Add some debug logs for the authorization (#3907)
  • Update the codegen version (#3906)
  • Add some logs to debug the authorization (#3905)
  • Fix to check whether the name of role is built-in role or not (#3904)
  • Fix long artifact versions showing on application detail page (#3901)
  • Rename application details section cloudprovider to platformprovider (#3900)
  • Rename gRPCEntityOperationError to gRPCStoreError (#3897)