Release v0.35.0

Release v0.35.0

Changes since v0.34.1

Starting from version v0.35.0, the CloudProvider concept is being replaced by PlatformProvider. It’s a name change due to the PipeCD vision improvement. The CloudProviders configuration is marked as deprecated, please migrate your piped agent configuration to use PlatformProviders.

kind: Piped
    - name: kubernetes-dev
      type: KUBERNETES

Checkout the docs in case you do not know what to do. ref: docs

Notable Changes

  • Make platformProviders works as piped deployment provider (#3815)
  • Sort pipeds and apps by the name in all application forms (#3824)

Internal Changes

  • Release v0.35.0
  • Update k8s executor to follow specified routes when applying manifests (#3817)
  • Make annoying log entries to DEBUG level (#3818)
  • Update examples to use v0.32.0 image (#3832)
  • Add PlatformProvider docs (#3822)
  • Update make gen/code command (#3830)
  • Rename package cloudprovider to platformprovider (#3825)
  • Update codegen container image (#3829)
  • Fix fail clone PipedSpec object (#3827)
  • Chore to update k8s libraries (#3828)
  • Fix app form (#3826)
  • Update stores reflect CloudProvider rename to PlatformProvider (#3823)
  • Replace CloudProvider with PlatformProvider in all application forms (#3821)
  • Add the for explaining the way to release (#3807)