Release v0.31.0

Release v0.31.0

Changelog since v0.30.0

Notable Changes

No notable changes for this release

Internal Changes

  • Fix wrong scrolling css (#3621)
  • Refactor feature status page (#3620)
  • Remove unused code (#3619)
  • Publish launcher-okd image (#3618)
  • Check whether the live manifest exists before deleting the resource (#3615)
  • Fix agent chart to use correct image when starting with launcher (#3616)
  • Add a workflow to ensure the stable docs is being synced (#3617)
  • Revert CloudRun examples to use GCR images (#3614)
  • Fix piped chart to use GHCR container image (#3613)
  • Add get command for the kubectl (#3606)
  • Fix the wrong way to configure datadog key while starting Piped agent (#3611)
  • Update examples to use artifacts from GHCR (#3612)