Release v0.26.0

Release v0.26.0

Changelog since v0.25.1

Breaking changes

The environment concept has been removed.

It was marked as deprecated from v0.24.0, and from this version, it will be no longer supported. Please check this guide to switch to use Label instead.

  • Remove Environment concept from web view (#3217)
  • The env-id and env-name were removed from pipectl application list command (#3294)
  • Remove env-id option from pipectl’s add-application command (#3276)

Notable Changes

  • Add ability to specify api-versions for helm by using pipecd application configurations (#3259)
  • Add ability to specify kube-version for helm by using pipecd application configurations (#3261)
  • Enable filter notifications based on application/deployment’s labels (#3241)
  • Enable to use "enabled" annotation in Kubernetes manifests to use kubectl replace/create instead of kubectl apply while applying it (#3237)
  • Fix wrong summary result for Kubernetes application in case the image version was updated (#3285)
  • Avoid error from actions-plan-preview when sending a too long message on GitHub (#3253)
  • Fix unable to register event in case of using MySQL as datastore (#3245)

Internal Changes

  • Move architecture overview image to concept explanation page (#2994)
  • Add login note for project name (#3289)
  • Ensure that env_id is not used in any Piped component (#3293)
  • Add link to blog from quickstart docs (#3290)
  • Update contributor list (#3292)
  • Fix broken links in docs (#3291)
  • Fix broken links docs (#3287)
  • Introduce ShardStorable interface (#3272)
  • Add WaitForReady interface for livestatestore of Cloud Run (#3278)
  • Add cases of Cloud Run kind into DetermineAppHealthStatus (#3280)
  • Remove alpha note in the doc of event-watcher feature (#3282)
  • Add a space between label key and label name in application list page (#3281)
  • Reorder the fields in application adding form (#3279)
  • Update to store application live state into the live state store (#3240)
  • Add actions log badge (#3273)
  • Remove environment concept from docs (#3275)
  • Remove environment concept from actions-plan-preview (#3270)
  • Add label and description for examples (#3269)
  • Update contributor list (#3267)
  • Correct the screenshot in quickstart (#3266)
  • Fix the name of Cloud Run in docs (#3265)
  • Fix a typo in reporter file name (#3264)
  • Fix wrong repository name in docs (#3263)
  • Add a blog post for February Update (#3256)
  • Introduce commander to models store interface (#3243)
  • Refactor to return reporter interface in livestatereporter (#3257)
  • Add WAIT stage into lambda canary-examplae (#3258)
  • Add MakeRevisionNamesSelector to generate the selector of revision names (#3254)
  • Fix documentation to use instead of secret.secretManagementKeyPair (#3246)
  • Add built in labels to CloudRun revision (#3251)
  • Add ListRevisions interface for CloudRun client (#3249)
  • Add AddRevisionLabels method to set revision labels in ServiceManifest (#3250)
  • Update notification configuration docs (#3247)
  • Add MakeResourceStates func for CloudRun (#3238)
  • Decoupling API with models store interface (#3234)
  • Add HealthStatus method to check health of service and revision (#3231)
  • Decoupling ops with models store interface (#3235)
  • Fix error handling in kubectl replace (#3233)
  • Remove Environment concept from piped source (#3229)
  • Add CloudRun service methods (#3228)
  • Remove Update model function from stores interface (#3226)
  • Add RevisionManifest method to convert run.Revision into RevisionManifest (#3225)
  • Add RevisionManifest for CloudRun (#3223)
  • Remove UpdateDeploymentChain function from deploymentchain store interface (#3219)
  • Add CloudRun application live state model (#3220)