Release v0.25.0

Release v0.25.0

Changelog since v0.24.5

New Features

  • Introducing Automated Drift Detection for Cloud Run application (#3123)
  • The event list is now available on the web console (#3146)

Notable Changes

  • Make it possible to customize the variant label of Kubernetes application (#3179)
  • Ensure that the Pipeline sync works normally even when the config file name was changed (#3148)
  • Plan-preview GitHub action automatically hides previously added comments before adding a new one (#3126)

Internal Changes

  • Log the number of scanned and filled applications while filling config filename in ops (#3186)
  • Fix the bug of plan-preview action that caused preview comments not to be hidden (#3157)
  • Fix missing config filename in form submit (#3185)
  • Group the config fields of the variant label (#3184)
  • Refine menu list in header css (#3183)
  • Fix path redirect missing project params (#3182)
  • Prevent Piped to panic when listing events for the first time (#3180)
  • Add MySQL index for new event watcher (#3176)
  • Fix ops to fill config filename only if needed (#3178)
  • Ensure to make NOT_HANDLED events that a new event created to OUTDATED (#3124)
  • Reduce boilerplate code around handling gRPC error (#3170)
  • Add fields to Kubernetes application config to allow customizing variant label (#3174)
  • Update Automated configuration drift detection for Cloud Run feature status (#3177)
  • Make sure to show status description even if that is too long (#3175)
  • Fix the query used to list application in ops to reuse an existing index (#3172)
  • Refactor NewDetector for application drift detector (#3171)
  • Fix unable to create objects without env_id value in case of using MySQL as datastore (#3166)
  • Fix unable to add new standalone deployment in case of using MySQL as datastore (#3165)
  • Fix unable to fetch list Piped in case of using MySQL as datastore (#3164)
  • Fix wrong BUILD.bazel file (#3167)
  • Add filedb package (#3163)
  • Fix DiffResult return value when service manifest doesn’t have diff (#3162)
  • Rename and reorder datastore functions to make them be unified (#3161)
  • Fix service manifest file path (#3160)
  • Add a screenshot on the event doc (#3159)
  • Fix missing DeploymentChain encode type for MySQL storage (#3158)
  • Call drift detector client for Cloud Run (#3145)
  • Update contributor list (#3154)
  • Add MySQL indexes used for Event list (#3142)
  • Update containerd config to fix ImagePullBackOff error (#3153)
  • Delete unused codes (#3150)
  • Run go mod download only when go.mod changed (#3140)
  • Revert “Disable syncing Cloud Run services in preparation for next release” (#3143)
  • Add driftdetector for Cloud Run (#3123)
  • Remove alpha badge of remote-config and remote-update from stable docs and docs-v0.24.x (#3141)