Release v0.21.1

Release v0.21.1

Changelog since v0.21.0

Notable Changes

  • Terraform deployment
    • Allow configuring additional flags for Terraform commands (#2736)
  • Event watcher
    • Prevent Eventwatcher from handling events already handled (#2720)
  • Notification
    • Add an option to mention the given Slack users for all notification events (#2682)
  • Piped operation
    • Stop launcher immediately in case it’s failed on the first start (#2732)
    • Stop requiring “webAddress” field in Piped configuration (#2717)

Internal Changes

  • Improve installing docs for ECS Fargate (#2730)
  • Allow configuring additional flags for Terraform commands (#2736)
  • Remove unreachable code (#2737)
  • Make sync stable docs command works without the specified version input (#2735)
  • Add kurochan-san to contributor list (#2733)
  • Avoid to emit annoying error log for app live state (#2727)
  • Remove invalid snippet on the pipectl doc (#2726)
  • Add monthly update for 11/2021 (#2721)
  • Add sync stable docs command (#2724)
  • Fix gap between stable version docs and latest v0.21.0 docs (#2725)
  • Add missing roles required while installing control-plane by using GCS (#2723)
  • Update piped installation on google cloud vm to use launcher (#2719)
  • Add some tests for authentication parts (#2718)
  • Add one of user guide pages in Japanese to doc (#2707)
  • Add several tests for the method to validate AnalysisTemplateRef (#2716)
  • Add the field to retrieve the url of control plane (#2713)
  • Modify one of user-guide pages to make it easier to read (#2715)
  • Update web development guide to be more clear what to do (#2709)
  • Make sure to send all remaining events when closing webhook sender (#2708)
  • Allow WebAPI to accept tags when adding/updating app (#2698)
  • Add a simple example to configure sending notification via webhook (#2702)
  • Make pipectl possible to register app with description and tags (#2706)
  • Ensure to pass application’s tags to deployment when triggering (#2705)
  • Clean up bazel rules for cmd package (#2704)
  • Add some tests for the method to Validate Encryption (#2703)
  • Update Slack mention examples (#2683)
  • Fix typo environment name in docs (#2701)
  • Empower WebAPI to filter deployments by tags (#2695)
  • Update piped install on fargate guide (#2699)
  • Empower WebAPI to filter applications by tags (#2697)