Release v0.21.0

Release v0.21.0

Changelog since v0.20.2

New Features

  • Add ability to send notification events to external services via webhook (#2670)

Notable Changes

  • Configuration passed as piped --config-data flag’s value must be in base64 format (#2688)
  • Add Project information to notification events' messages (#2679)
  • Update launcher to accept base64 encoded configuration data (#2686)
  • Fix wrong namespace value shown in deployment log (#2681)

Internal Changes

  • Update guide to install piped on fargate (#2694)
  • Define tags field on application/deployment (#2690)
  • Linebreak for recently deployed version info in applications list (#2684)
  • Update webhook feature to alpha status (#2687)
  • Revise ApplicationEvent get app name implementation (#2680)
  • Ensure rerendering repositories selectable items on select piped in application form (#2678)