Release v0.20.2

Release v0.20.2

Changelog since v0.20.1

Notable Changes

No notable changes for this release

Internal Changes

  • Add guide to show how to enable remote-upgrade on Cloud Run (#2674)
  • Update slack mentions in examples (#2671)
  • Fix the typo (#2672)
  • Refactor the logic to find accounts in the specified event (#2669)
  • Add an admin HTTP server to launcher (#2667)
  • Store DeploymentNotification key instead of mentions (#2664)
  • Fix tiny changes (#2666)
  • Add Concepts page in Japanese to the document (#2646)
  • Avoid stacked toast of the same reason (#2665)
  • Enable share query url to non login user (#2663)
  • Refactor the logic of getting accounts in PLANNED event (#2641)
  • Ensure redirect to previous path after login (#2662)
  • Refactor the logic of getting accounts in APPROVAL events (#2642)
  • Refactor the logic of getting accounts when Deployment is done (#2643)
  • Enable using current username as default value for static admin edit form (#2661)
  • Pass query params on redirect non login user to login page (#2660)
  • Add log to clarify launcher loading piped config flow (#2659)
  • Refine bazel build file (#2658)
  • Add blog tab to japanese site (#2657)
  • Remove list deployment config template (#2656)
  • Fix missing initializing ecs store for livestate store (#2655)
  • Remove dependency on Firestore from Operators (#2654)