Release v0.18.0

Release v0.18.0

Changelog since v0.17.0

Notable Changes

  • Add ability to mention a list of users while sending notifications to Slack (#2503). That user list can be specified in the deployment configuration file as below:
 kind: KubernetesApp
+  notification:
+    mentions:
+        slack:
+          - slack-user-id # slack-user-name
  • Add ability to notify DEPLOYMENT_WAIT_APPROVAL event to Slack (#2512)

Internal Changes

  • Fix wrong indent in examples (#2528)
  • Update deployment.yaml (#f935cc8b)
  • Update the comment to match the content in the document (#2526)
  • Add fields of notification in the Configuration reference (#2522)
  • Add fields to configure notification using Slack in the examples of wait-approval (#2518)
  • Remove add deployment configuration file from template docs (#2525)
  • Correct user name to user id in the comment (#2524)
  • Add the TODO comment to support for email notification (#2521)
  • Simplify the form showed after adding new application (#2516)
  • Add DEPLOYMENT_WAIT_APPROVAL to the list of supporting event (#2515)
  • Set default value of config file in application adding form (#2513)
  • Add ability to notify DEPLOYMENT_WAITING_APPROVAL event to Slack (#2511)
  • Enable ADA stage to compare two samples using Mann-Whitney U test (#2510)
  • Add a new ADA implementation for each strategy (#2491)