Release v0.16.3

Release v0.16.3

Changelog since v0.16.2

Notable Changes

  • Add ApplicationName as a deployment filter on deployments list page (#2496)
  • Show all container image tags in the version string of application (#2495)
  • Remove the “–use-fake-api-client” option from Piped (#2492)

Internal Changes

  • Refine application version format (#2498)
  • Add log unary interceptor for WebAPI (#2497)
  • API add ability to filter deployments by application name (#2493)
  • Ensure fetch livestate whenever application kind is available (#2489)
  • Add analysis result store to fetch the most recent successful analysis (#2483)
  • Disable auto fetch application livestate on render application detail page (#2488)
  • Update memory size used to run Piped on Cloud Run (#2487)