Release v0.14.0

Release v0.14.0

Changelog since v0.13.2

From this version, Piped sends its metrics to the Control-plane by default. So far, it exposes the following metrics:

  • livestatestore_kubernetes_resource_events_total: Number of resource events received from kubernetes server.
  • livestatestore_kubernetes_api_requests_total: Number of requests sent to kubernetes api server.
  • cloudprovider_kubernetes_tool_calls_total: Number of calls made to run the tool like kubectl, kustomize.
  • plan_preview_command_received_total: Total number of plan-preview commands received at piped.
  • plan_preview_command_handled_total: Total number of plan-preview commands handled at piped.
  • plan_preview_command_handling_seconds: Histogram of handling seconds of plan-preview commands.
  • Go stats
  • Process stats

Notable Changes

  • Enable to collect metrics for all components by default (#2327)
  • Enable to watch the live state of Ingress within (#2321)

Internal Changes

  • Refactor filestore package (#2355)
  • Remove metrics arg from service manifest used to install Piped on Cloud Run (#2353)
  • Remove metrics arg from command to install Piped on google cloud vm (#2352)
  • Add install piped on ECS Fargate guide (#2351)
  • Update example queries for ADA (#2350)
  • Change Prometheus pod update strategy to Recreate (#2349)
  • Give back NotFound when live state not found (#2344)
  • Fix replicas number of canary variant in example (#2343)
  • Add example to show how to use canary patch (#2339)
  • Bump Prometheus client to v1.11.0 (#2338)
  • Add ability to patch manifests for the CANARY variant (#2333)
  • Remove unused directory (#2336)
  • Show event id when registering event succeeded (#2334)
  • Return InvalidArgument code when Piped tries to operate deleted app (#2330)
  • Remove pipecd_server prefixes from incoming request dashboard (#2329)
  • Add piped dashboard variable (#2326)
  • Ensure to register grpc server metrics to custom Prometheus registerer (#2325)
  • Make it possible to create ManagedCertificate dedicated for Grafana (#2324)
  • Change default secret name for monitoring IAP (#2323)
  • Support Google IAP for Grafana Ingress (#2315)
  • Fix wrong extension name for terraform secret management example (#2322)
  • Update adding project docs (#2320)
  • Add overview dashboard to control-plane folder (#2319)
  • Update piped dashboard reflects metrics name changed (#2317)
  • Migrate dgrijalva/jwt-go to golang-jwt/jwt (#2304)
  • Add Grafana panel to track gRPC error by code (#2316)
  • Update the size of PersistentVolume Prometheus uses (#2314)
  • Remove cache package from pkg/cli dependencies list (#2313)
  • Use labels to distinguish what component’s metrics (#2312)
  • Update actions-plan-preview to use pipectl v0.13.2 (#2311)