Release v0.13.1

Release v0.13.1

Changelog since v0.13.0

Notable Changes

  • Fix panic error log that occasionally occurs while running plan preview tasks (#2290)

Internal Changes

  • Ensure that command result should be reported even when the handling context’s deadline passes (#2292)
  • Finish up Grafana Cluster dashboards (#2286)
  • Add missing Piped copyright (#2288)
  • Update piped Grafana dashboard reflects name changed (#2284)
  • Filter outdated piped stat metrics (#2281)
  • Fix broken layout of error block on plan-preview comment (#2282)
  • Expose pipecd ops metrics (#2279)
  • Add missing close redis connection in ops (#2280)
  • Fix wrong way to check unmergeable pull request (#2278)
  • Bump actions-plan-preview image to use pipectl v0.13.0 (#2277)