Release v0.12.0

Release v0.12.0

Changelog since v0.11.1

Notable Changes

  • Add ability to load Piped config from GCP Secret Manager (#2239)
  • Add ability to enable/disable Piped by using pipectl (#2238)
  • Piped will create the Cloud Run service if it does not exist while deploying (#2228)
  • Allow specifying key pair data used for secret management in piped config (#2224)

Internal Changes

  • Update secret manager docs (#2244)
  • Add –dependency-update to the local development guide (#2243)
  • Update piped dashboards (#2242)
  • Add an interceptor to track stats about gRPC calls (#2241)
  • Update examples in doc for secret management feature (#2240)
  • Fix TTL for stat metrics is reset on stat commit (#2235)
  • Use docsy block to refer to latest version automatically (#2237)
  • Update version number for actions-plan-preview (#2236)
  • Use declared TTL for stat cache instead of default value for normal cache (#2233)
  • Move source code of actions-plan-preview to dockers dir (#2232)
  • Add guide to run Piped on Cloud Run (#2231)
  • Add piped dashboards provider to Grafana config (#2230)
  • Change to manage Grafana datasources as a ConfigMap (#2227)
  • Add dashboards for pipeds stat metrics (#2220)
  • Update variables in Grafana dashboards (#2218)
  • Disable to collect cluster-level stats by default (#2217)