Release v0.11.1

Release v0.11.1

Changelog since v0.11.0

Notable Changes

  • Fix bug that all plan-preview commands that come after Piped has been running for 5 minutes are not handled (#2222)
  • Allow embedding piped-key and ssh-key in Piped config file (#2216)
  • Fix bug that SAVE button at admin account form is not enabled when using the same username (#2209)

Internal Changes

  • Add metrics for plan-preview component (#2223)
  • Add more logs to plan-preview handler (#2221)
  • Fix validation bug on Piped config (#2219)
  • Let Prometheus not scrape unneeded targets (#2213)
  • Copy SSH key into ssh config dir to use instead of using the given one directly (#2214)
  • Delete unused workflow (#2211)
  • Update OWNERS_ALIASES (#2210)
  • Update Grafana dashboards (#2207)
  • Avoid panic in case of error gathering ops metrics (#2206)
  • Enable ops metrics endpoint (#2203)
  • Expose piped stat metrics at ops metrics endpoint (#2202)
  • Explicitly use string as type for key in cache package (#2200)