Release v0.11.0

Release v0.11.0

Changelog since v0.10.3

New Features

Notable Changes

  • Fix wrong drift result that caused in v0.10.3 (#2192)

Internal Changes

  • Store reported piped stats to redis (#2190)
  • Fix doc titles (#2198)
  • Do not render json files under grafana-dashboards (#2197)
  • Enable plan-preview in piped by default (#2194)
  • Add minimum required dashboards (#2115)
  • Put Grafana dashboards in different folders (#2191)
  • Make terraform cloud provider able to parse log including ansi codes (#2189)
  • Add relabel config to plot durations for each gRPC method (#2187)
  • Create a dedicated gitClient for plan-preview (#2188)
  • Use custom piped metrics registry instead of the default one (#2183)
  • Fix Envoy config to be valid as an extension (#2186)
  • Enable Envoy gRPC stats for all methods (#2185)
  • Fix wrong generated URLs for application, env and piped (#2184)
  • Introducing ReportStat service to pipedservice (#2181)