Release v0.10.0

Release v0.10.0

Changelog since v0.9.17

Breaking Changes

  • Role required for adding/updating application was changed from Admin to Editor (#2085).

Deprecated Features

  • Sealed Secret feature is deprecated. It can still be used, but expected to be removed entirely sometime in the future. Instead, please use Secret Management.

New Features

Notable Changes

  • Added insecure to ChartRepository so that certificate verification can be skipped (#1971)
  • Support progressive deployment with ECS cloud provider (#2058)
  • Fix alerting error for stage log fetching (#2075)

Internal Changes

  • Documentation for ECS deployment (#2080)
  • Add ECS_TRAFFIC_ROUTING as ECS deployment stage (#2072)
  • Support string with suffix % passed as percentage representing fields' value beside primitive integer value (#2092)
  • Change required role to add/update application from Admin to Editor (#2085)
  • Add a new way to manage secrets: secret templating (#2097)
  • Update doc for secret management (#2099)
  • Add SPA support for playground image (#2101)
  • Add plan preview to feature status page (#2098)
  • Change the default ECS configuration files format to JSON (#2096)
  • Make Popover render only when needed (#2095)
  • RFC for plan preview feature (#2090)
  • Ensure ECS deployment allow JSON file config (#2094)
  • Add module path aliases for web srcs (#2093)
  • Introducing percentage type (#2088)
  • Update contributor list (#2091)
  • Use absolute path for test utils importing (#2089)
  • Add ability to use both SecretManagement and SealedSecretManagement (#2084)
  • Fix invalid StageId on storing ECS stage metadata (#2083)
  • Show ECS traffic stage detail on web view (#2082)
  • Add missing stage description (#2081)
  • Update piped add cloud provider manual docs (#2078)
  • Add ECS application examples (#2079)
  • Refine ECS deployment stage messages (#2076)
  • Store traffic and canary scale to stage metadata store (#2077)
  • Change the directory structure of the redux module to make it easier to read (#2074)
  • Move the diff package to the shared location (#2071)
  • Update ECS RFC example (#2067)
  • Add TRAFFICE_ROUTING as stage in k8s bluegreen example (#2064)
  • Update release note (#2063)