Release v0.9.15

Release v0.9.15

Changelog since v0.9.14

Notable Changes

  • Enable pipeline sync for multi-deployments Kubernetes application (#1968)
  • Empower Piped to append logged-in user to passwd (#1953)
  • Add a button to copy the environment id (#1957)

Internal Changes

  • Remove maxUpdatedAt from ListDeploymentsRequest proto (#1970)
  • Update installation instruction of pipectl image (#1973)
  • Use cursor to fetch deployment list (#1969)
  • Add installation instruction for OKD before 4.2 (#1967)
  • Use native clipboard API for copy text on the web (#1964)
  • Rename piped-okd image (#1966)
  • Add Helm value to control to modify /etc/passwd (#1961)
  • Add a new piped image dedicated to OKD (#1959)
  • Fix image.bzl to avoid duplicate key (#1963)
  • Fix wrong rule name while listing all publishabled images (#2685a03d)
  • Prefix the bazel rules of app_image to allow specifying multiple apps inside the same directory (#1962)
  • Add piped-base image packing with nss_wrapper (#1952)
  • Allow setting of env vars for containers (#1960)